How does SPEAK OUT!® differ from other speech therapy programs?

SPEAK OUT!® was developed by a nonprofit organization that runs a speech therapy clinic specializing in the treatment of individuals with Parkinson’s-related disorders.

SPEAK OUT!® is based on the teachings of Daniel R. Boone, PhD, CCC-SLP.

SPEAK OUT!® includes speech, voice, and cognitive exercises laid out in the SPEAK OUT!® Workbook, which is provided to every Parkinson’s patient in the U.S. being treated by a SPEAK OUT!®-trained SLP.

SPEAK OUT!® typically consists of three therapy sessions per week for four weeks; however, the therapy schedule may be modified towards the end of the program as appropriate.

SPEAK OUT!® was developed to be effective and efficient. Therapy sessions, including documentation, can be completed in 40-45 minutes.

A bonus SPEAK OUT!® Therapy Kit is provided upon completion.

Where are SPEAK OUT!® Workshops held?

SPEAK OUT!® Workshops are held at Parkinson Voice Project’s speech therapy clinic located at 646 N. Coit Road, Suite 2250, Richardson, Texas 75080. Richardson is a suburb of Dallas, Texas.

Is there a “certification” associated with SPEAK OUT!®?
After attending a SPEAK OUT!® Workshop, may I teach the SPEAK OUT!® protocol to other speech-language pathologists in my work setting?